Jim Mattison

Jim Mattison

Times Nominated: 2
Nominated Year(s): 2018, 2019
Last Year of Eligibility: 2023
Category: Entrepreneur

Founder and owner of PHS – Automotive Services (Pontiac Historic Services.)

A life-long resident in the Detroit area, Jim has spent his entire career in the automotive arena.


Starting right out of high school, Jim went to work for Chevrolet Division as a co-op student at Chevrolet Central Office in Detroit. In 1968 he became a member of the Fleet & Special Order Group (COPO), a group within the Chevrolet Sales Department. He was involved in the marketing operations and scheduling with the assembly plants on all special order Chevys, including the famed 427 Camaros, Chevelles and ZL1s.

In 1972 he left GM and went to work for a large AC-Delco Warehouse, as the assistant sales manager. By 1975, he and a partner opened their own AC-Delco Warehouse that specialized in servicing new car dealers throughout the Midwest. He retained this business for many years, but also retained the many friendships that he had made during his time at GM.

During his years in the automobile parts business, Jim began to collect and restore some of the muscle cars from his youth. As his collection of cars grew, he became a well-known figure in the collector car market in the Detroit area, as well as nationally. Many of his cars have been seen in magazines, as well as to compete in some of the larger collector car shows and concours.

His love affair with Pontiac began when they released the GTO in 1964. “A friend had one and I’ll never forget the sweet sound of that tri-power engine, as we cruised the streets of Detroit. I got a tri-power GTO of my own in 1965 and have been an avid Pontiac fan ever since!”

In 1989, Jim received a call from Pontiac Division, who was looking to dispose of their old Pontiac car records from 1961 thru 1986. After numerous meetings on how to best save this material, an agreement was struck with Pontiac Division and Jim founded Pontiac Historic Services (PHS).

These old records have to be searched manually, as the information is on old microfilm. However, the information will provide exactly how a particular Pontiac was built. In addition to providing collectors and enthusiasts the information on their Pontiacs, “We also do a fair amount of work for law enforcement agencies, too” he said. “We are involved in a case at least weekly, ranging from auto theft to vehicle homicide.”

“I’m an admitted car junkie!” he said. “PHS is a labor of love and exciting work that I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” he said.

Jim continues to be active in the Pontiac community attending national events and hosting various seminars.


Our Mission At The PPA

The mission of the Pontiac Preservation Association is to provide a vehicle for all clubs, associations, individual hobbyists, web sites and groups, parts manufacturers, parts businesses, restoration shops, car dealers, event promoters, publishers-everyone associated with the Pontiac automobile to come together for the express purpose of better coordinating all energies and resources to preserve and promote the Pontiac hobby and to improve the Pontiac industry for the betterment of all involved.