Preserving History. Honoring Excellence.

The PPA Hall of Fame is an independent, non-profit educational institution dedicated to preserving an appreciation of the historical development of the Pontiac hobby and its impact on the industry by preserving the memory of those who have made outstanding contributions.

The Hall of Fame's mission is to preserve Pontiac's history, honor excellence within, and make a connection between the generations of people who enjoy these classic cars. Induction into the PPA Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have made a significant impact on the Pontiac automobile as well as the hobby itself.

For 2019, 3 nominees from this category will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

If you wish to participate in the online induction election, please visit our "contact" page and send us an email saying so.

2019 2nd Annual Deceased Nominees --- (Page 2)

Fireball Roberts

Edward Glenn "Fireball" Roberts Jr was born in
Tavares, Florida, and raised in Apopka, Florida.

During his time there he became interested in both
auto racing and baseball.

Jack Humbert

Jack Humbert was a man in Pontiac’s history is one of
the most significant people in General Motors Design.

Where he led the design team that gave Pontiacs of the ’60s
the leading edge in the art of automotive styling.

Jess Tyree

Where Dickie Harrell was “Mr. Chevrolet”, Tyree became a
West Coast favorite as “Mr. Pontiac” with a long-running
career in Pontiacs that began in Super Stock.

He advanced to Factory Experimental and finally to Funny Car, where he competed until 1973.

Paul Zazarine

Paul Zazarine (shown left) was born May 28, 1952, and grew
up in Takoma Park, Maryland. His introduction to the automobile came courtesy of his father, who instilled in him a passion for American performance cars.

One of Zazarine’s fondest memories of his father was when
they would sit in front of the family home, naming every
vehicle that drove past.

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