Nunzi Romano

Nunzi Romano

Times Nominated: 2
Nominated Year(s): 2018, 2019
Last Year of Eligibility: 2023
Category: Racing

Nunzi has been a developer and a leader in the Pontiac racing community since the early 1960s.

He has worked with various Companies to research and develop high-performance Pontiac racing parts. Including Crower, competion cams, BHJ, CSR, Msd, Arp, Sealed power. To name a few.


Nunzi has achieved goals running naturally aspirated traditional Pontiac power in his cars that no one else has ever dreamed. He was the first to run in the 11's in legal NHRA trim, with his 1962 Catalina, first to run in the low 10's in a first generation 1967 Firebird, the first to run in the 9's with a 4 bbl carburetor, and lastly the first to run in the 8's with a pro stock 1983 Trans Am. He built the first Pontiac engine to win the 1st and 2nd East Coast Super Gas meet at Raceway Park in New Jersey.

He was also the first Pontiac to run in the 8's with a pro stock 1983 trans am. He built the first Pontiac motor to win the first and second East Coast super gas meet at Raceway Park in New Jersey.

His latest achievement was getting in his 1963 Pontiac 4 cylinder 4 speed SD Tempest to run 11.70 sec @112 MPH using all Pontiac Super Duty parts.

Without a doubt, Nunzi has been an icon in the Pontiac racing community. His early Pontiac Performance contributions helped pave the way to 40 more years of Pontiac excitement.


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